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StarFormer® is a High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS) device, enabling muscles to strengthen, tone and firm without effort.

The StarFormer® TightWave® treatment uses non-invasive, HITS technology to selectively target muscle tissues and provide strengthening, toning, and firming of targeted areas of the body:

  • Buttock area (bum lift)
  • Abdomen (six-pack)
  • Arms (bicep and bingo wings)
  • Thighs/Legs
  • Back muscles

How it works:

Magnetic pulses harmlessly penetrate the muscle layers causing them to automatically contract. With the StarFormer®, muscle cells can be built-up effortlessly, without the voluntary muscle contractions that are used during traditional strength training. Our Muscle Stimulation Machine utilises High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy, to induce high-intensity, maximum contractions, that exceed the highest amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold under normal conditions.

This innovative technology engages 100% of the targeted muscle, working to increase muscle mass without you breaking a sweat. The treatment is effortless and efficiently stimulates your muscles, whilst you lay down on the couch.

StarFormer® TightWave® Key Advantages:

  • Safe, quick, and easy muscle strengthening
  • Non-invasive, pads are applied to the outside of clothes
  • Walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • High success rate and great patient satisfaction
  • No preparation needed

Expected results:

Results take a few sessions to show, although even after one week,  many patients already notice a difference. Muscles tone up and strengthen, and you will notice your shape change, gradually improving over the targeted area with increased muscle tone and mass.

Why choose us?

Our clinical team always assess your areas of concern and advise you on the optimal protocol for you. Every treatment can be tailored to the individual’s area of need and desired end results. We are always realistic in our discussions of what we can deliver for you.

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Treatment Summary


Muscle stimulation treatment prices depending on the number of areas to be treated
Price: From £100 per session


Duration of Treatment:

From 30 minutes+


Recovery: No down time


Treatment Interval: The results are visible after a few sessions only
We recommend 2 sessions per week for 4-6 weeks


Pre-Treatment Advice: There is no specific pre-treatment advice


Post Treatment Advice: There is no specific aftercare with this treatment and we will advise you of any maintenance treatments required

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