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Laser & Health Academy Expert Lecturer
Laser & Health Academy UK Laser Trainer
Cert Advanced Laser Aesthetics & IntimaLase™ & IncontiLase
Cert & Dip Coaching & Behavioural Change

Internationally recognised expert in non-surgical laser treatments

Dr Tanja Phillips is a leading laser specialist based in Hampshire.  Tanja graduated from Southampton University in 1994. With over 21 years of clinical experience, she has developed her skills in the non-surgical laser field combining the science of the laser with the art of tailoring treatments to the individual’s needs for which she is now internationally recognised. Inspired by the possibilities that the revolutionary Fotona laser provides, she works tirelessly to give the best outcomes for her patients ensuring very little to no downtime at all.

Dr Tanja Phillips

Key Opinion Leader and Lecturer

Dr Tanja Phillips is recognised by her peers and the Laser and Health Academy as a key opinion leader for laser aesthetics. She is an expert lecturer for Fotona laser treatments and has lectured both in the UK, at the Royal Society of Medicine, and abroad at international conferences. Her non-surgical aesthetic treatments are undertaken with the highest quality and safety standards, working within a beautiful, modern, fully CQC and laser compliant premises. Tanja is the lead trainer for the Fotona laser in the UK. She is passionate about training and is currently constructing additional training programmes so that standards are met within this industry to ensure patient safety goes alongside excellent results.

Patented Specialist Treatments

Many of the treatments are patented and specific only to the Fotona laser.  Dr Phillips has further developed these treatments to give even better results and will tailor these to the individual patient’s needs. As a doctor and aesthetic specialist, she offers a variety of bespoke treatments. Examples of her treatments are: the Fotona Facelift  (recently undertaken by Kim Kardashian in the US)- which Dr Phillips has further developed with additional levels of treatment to improve outcomes for her patients. Wrinkle reduction and reduction of puffiness around the eye along with non surgical lid lifting, thread vein treatments, acne and rosacea treatments, scar tissue (post injury, operations or burns) treatments, fat reduction and skin tightening treatments for ‘bingo wings’ love handles ‘ chin/neck area, stretch mark treatment and the list goes on. She has a holistic approach to your skin care and will also be able to talk with you about your overall skin health and how to optimise your treatments and results with the right skin care regime.

Fotona Laser Treatments with Dr Tanja Phillips
Dr Tanja Phillips Fotona Laser Treatments

Research and Development, Innovative Techniques, Award-Winning Safety

Dr Tanja Phillips only uses Fotona lasers in her clinic as she considers these to be the very best. Fotona’s research and development is second to none with new and innovative techniques, modalities and treatments being constantly assessed for results and safety. As such Fotona has won awards for the safety of its lasers within the industry, despite it being one of the most powerful lasers in its field, thereby giving the best results delivered in the safest way. Because of this Dr Phillips is able to offer treatments not available with other lasers with outstanding results and no downtime with most treatments.

How we are managing treatments in the clinic

Collagen stimulating treatments are now primarily undertaken by our amazing aesthetic practitioner team. All treatment plans are reviewed and assessed personally by Dr Tanja. This enables our valued patients to get the best from their treatments, their treatment planning and skincare management, optimising results for every individual patient.

As well as this Dr Tanja focuses on the procedures that require a medical doctor. This includes most skin lesions, birthmarks and scar tissue treatments as well as any more complex laser procedure.

In addition, Dr Tanja carries out all the injectable treatments in the clinic. This includes muscle relaxing injections, hyaluronic acid injections – skin boosters, dermal fillers and more. We strongly believe these treatments should be carried out by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

Meet Dr Tanja’s Team

Dr Tanja has chosen the team for their wealth of experience and expertise in this field. Their skillset in the aesthetic and laser industry is second to none.