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VectorLift® Treatment


VectorLift® is an innovative new laser treatment for a non-invasive eyebrow lift, upper eyelid rejuvenation and forehead smoothing result. This unique 3-step protocol provides all these treatments in one session. The VectorLift® gives great results with immediate tissue tightening evident at the appointment as well as longer term collagen stimulation with no pain or downtime. This could be done in a lunch break!

How it works:

VectorLift® is an addition to our SmoothEye collagen stimulation treatment (which treats the eye area alone). The VectorLift further enhances brow lifting and treats the lines of the forehead without the risks of toxin injections. This 3-step procedure takes the laser energy from the eyelids all the way up into the hairline area enabling maximum lift and giving maximal effect.

The depth of penetration with VectorLift® is perfect for facial treatments as it targets all the areas where collagen stimulation is needed without any adverse effect on the fat in the face.

Expected Results:

The results are of immediate tissue tightening evident at the appointment, you will see the elevation of the brows as they are treated. In addition to the immediate effect, you will gain a long-term benefit of collagen stimulation that starts to take place from 3 weeks onwards. So, the results keep on going even after your treatments have stopped.


Dr Tanja and her team are leading the way with their Signature VectorLift treatment. As always will assess your skin and your skin concerns prior to any treatment undertaken to ensure this is the most appropriate treatment for you.

Patient Journey

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Treatment Summary



From £395 if undertaken separate to a SmoothEye session.

From £395


Duration of Treatment:

From 30 minutes+



Patients may have no downtime or some experience a little redness post-treatment for 1 day and some dryness of the skin for a few days.


Treatment Interval:

4-6 weeks, we recommend 3 treatments.


Pre-Treatment Advice: 

Specific advice provided at initial consultation.


Post-Treatment Advice: 

You will be advised on aftercare and suitable products to use on your skin post treatment at your consultation.