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Wart and Verrucas are common complaints and most treatments are either ineffective or take months of regular treatments with little or no effect. Fotona laser treatments for warts and verrucas will resolve these conditions within 1-3 treatment sessions effectively and efficiently.

How it works:

The laser uses deep and selective Nd:YAG absorption which induces coagulation of blood vessels feeding the wart. This causes subsequent destruction of the wart  (the laser penetrates even through thickened/calloused tissue)
In addition to the destruction of the lesion the laser  promotes faster healing and reduces the possibility of recurrence.

Expected Results:

Effective removal of the wart from between 1 and 3 sessions of treatment. There is no need to remove any extra tissue apart from the lesion itself and no anaesthesia required.

There is no special post-procedure skin care necessary to support effective removal of the wart or verruca, making this a simple, effective treatment.

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Treatment Summary


Warts: 1 lesion £105, each additional £40

Verucca: 1 simple lesion £125,  Mosaic £145, each additional  £45-£65


Duration of Treatment: Treatment times will vary according to the lesion being treated and the number of them. From 20 minutes +


Recovery: No down time


Treatment Interval: 2-4 weeks

Numbers of treatments are generally 1-3 sessions


Pre-Treatment Advice: Do not use self tanning products or sunbathe for up to 2 weeks before treatment.


Post-Treatment Advice: You will be advised on aftercare and suitable products to use on your skin post treatment at your consultation, SPF50 applied  should be applied to all areas treated for 2 weeks

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