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A laser, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for hair restoration. A quick and painless laser treatment that targets dormant hair follicles to reawaken them giving natural regrowth of hair without the need of anaesthesia or surgery. As with all our treatments this treatment is suitable for men and women.

How it works:

Laser energy stimulates dormant hair cells and stem cells regeneration for natural hair growth to occur. This will stimulate and accelerate hair growth as well as improve overall scalp regeneration. This treatment can be combined with injectable mesotherapy to further stimulate hair growth in the areas treated.

Expected Results:

The treated area is expected to yield results with new hair growth within the first few months after your treatment. Of course, as with any treatment results will vary from person to person and the combination treatment of laser and injectables further enhances results.

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Duration of Treatment:

20-30 mins


Recovery: Patients have no down time


Treatment Interval: 2 weeks, we recommend 8 treatments


Pre-Treatment Advice: Specific advice provided at initial consultation


Post Treatment Advice: There is no specific aftercare following this treatment and you can care for your hair as usual although the clinician will be happy to give you additional hair care advice.

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