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Lumps, bumps and benign skin lesions can occur on the face or anywhere on the body. The treatment of these lesions depends on whether they are worrying ones that may be cancerous or precancerous or just benign, non-concerning fleshy growths or moles. Benign lumps and bumps are far more common and can be removed by laser treatment

Lumps, Bumps and Benign Skin Lesions

Our simple, effective lesion removal with laser treatment involves a highly focused beam of light that removes layers of the skin until the area is flush with the skin again. The depth of beam penetration can be adjusted on an individual basis to strategically destroy micro-thin layers of the lesion. It does all this without harming surrounding tissue, thereby minimising the risk of scarring.

The treated area will be red initially and may bleed a little. As it recovers it will form a scab and then once the scab goes the skin beneath will be a little pink. This lasts two for several weeks as the skin re-pigments to match the rest of the skin. Occasionally the area left is slightly paler than the rest of the skin


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