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Both sports and non sports people can suffer with this persistent and recurring problem.

It often starts with an ingrowing hair but sometimes it is due to some friction and sweating in particular post exercise. Those that are sometimes more prone to this are cyclists – whether you shave your legs or not for cycling, cyclists can get very uncomfortable in the saddle area and develop sore cystic lumps.

Dr Tanja Phillips laser treatments can help this problem. 

How it works:

Firstly, by hair removal – Lasers are an effective way to remove or very significantly reduce hair growth. The hair will initially grow back much slower and finer and after several sessions will, for most people, not grow back at all or be so significantly reduced it does not cause a problem. 

The second way this laser treatment can help you is by treating the actual cyst/boil/ingrowing hair. By directly treating this area you will be able to see and feel an instant reduction in the size of the lesion and it will be significantly more comfortable enabling you to continue in your day to day life and sport without discomfort or compromise.

Expected Results:

You will see an instant result from a single laser treatment to your cyst/boil/ingrowing hair; with an immediate reduction in the size of the lesion and a decrease in the  discomfort and tenderness over the treated area.”

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Price: From £85


Duration of Treatment:

20-40 mins


Recovery: No down time


Treatment Interval: One treatment as required.


Pre-Treatment Advice: No specific action required.


Post-Treatment Advice: No specific action required.

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