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The award-winning Fotona treatments are increasingly popular in the UK, and the demand  for specialist Fotona Laser Training grows. The headquarters of the LA&HA is in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This well respected Academy grant a few centres LA&HA training status internationally. LA&HA clinicians must have a proven record of expertise in their area of specialisation and are exceptionally qualified to deliver a first-rate educational experience. Dr Phillips is delighted to have been granted this accolade, both personally as a LA&HA expert clinical lecturer. Her clinic hosts both national and international training in the laser industry and is proud of it’s LA&HA training status.

Dr Phillips is passionate about education. Her mission is to raise the standard of training and expertise in the laser and aesthetic industry in the UK.

Dr Phillips is the UK provider of Fotona laser training. Her high standards of safety, efficacy and results ensures that those going through her training understand the importance of this. As an expert trainer Dr Phillips understands that everyone learns differently and will tailor training to the individual(s). This ensures they get the best out of their training and leave the sessions with a significantly greater knowledge base and skill set.

Dr Phillips delivers training encompassing the theory, safety and practicalities of laser treatments. This ensures the highest care for those patients subsequently being treated by the clinicians. Health Education England, 2015 wrote a guidance paper in an attempt to establish baseline qualifications required by laser and other aesthetic treatment types. From this Dr Phillips has written a guideline document for laser use, outlining the qualifications clinicians should have to undertaken certain treatments. This has historically been an area that the industry has lacked. Dr Phillips is working with other colleagues with the aim of establishing a University approved training programme.



Please contact the clinic and we can advise you on the next available training session suitable for your needs. We also arrange bespoke training sessions for individuals and clinics as required.



Prior to booking onto a Fotona Laser Training course with Dr Phillips you will be sent a questionnaire. This covers a number of questions including your place of practice, current qualifications and laser experience to date. We will ask for your qualifications, training needs and desired outcome from training with Dr Phillips.



Dr Phillips will review your request, liaise with you, and arrange a bespoke package for your specific Fotona Laser Training needs. This ensures you are getting the best out of your training session. Sessions will have an element of theory and practical as well as a focus on safety for the patents and the clinician… and of course some fun!

Fotona Laser Treatments with Dr Tanja Phillips



You will be confident to deliver safe and effective laser care to your patients*. You will be sent a certificate in the post.

*Dr Tanja Phillips Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Dr Phillips Fotona Laser Training by no means guarantees your competence. You will have received expert training and it is down to you, the individual to then carry out safe laser treatment. Always remember every client may respond differently to the laser and past medical history, medication history, allergies, test patching and more are an important integral part of your care for your patients.