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Birth marks come in many different forms. The ones more commonly presented are strawberry naevae and Port wine stains. Most people with these birth marks have been advised they are non treatable, this is not the case. After significant research and studies into treatment of these conditions Dr Phillips can treat these lesions safely and effectively. 

How it works:

The laser will reduce the pigment in these areas by carefully breaking down the red blood cells therefore allowing the capillaries to collapse.

Expected Results:

There is a gradual reduction in the pigmentation of the affected areas with significantly reduced or complete clearance as an outcome.

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Treatment Summary


Price: POA


Duration of Treatment:

30 – 60 minutes


Recovery: This will vary from no down time to up to 2 days of a slightly darker area over the area treated


Treatment Interval: 3-6 week intervals, number of treatments is variable


Pre-Treatment Advice: Do not use self tanning products or sunbathe for up to 2 weeks before treatment.


Post-Treatment Advice: Do not use self tanning products or sunbathe for  2 weeks after treatment. SPF 50 should be applied over all areas treated for 2 weeks.

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