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StarFormer® is Fotona’s latest innovation for Gynaecology. The StarFormer® IntimaWave® treatment uses non-invasive, high-intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation (HITS™) technology to selectively target muscle tissues. This provides strengthening, toning, and firming of the pelvic floor muscles to effectively treat urinary incontinence without effort.

How it works:

The StarFormer® is used to stimulate both the pelvic floor and back muscles to treat all types of male or female urinary and faecal incontinence. During treatment, the patient remains clothed and sits on a comfortable IntimaWave® chair with built-in applicators in the seat and back of the chair. The magnetic applicators in the chair stimulate muscle contraction in the entire pelvic floor area, leading to increased muscle strength and improved urinary symptoms.

The IntimaWave® treatment is gentle and fast, and no patient preparation is needed. The generated magnetic pulses harmlessly pass through the patient’s clothing, skin, and bone, reaching otherwise inaccessible tissue. The therapy is non-invasive, painless and with no known side effects. The energy levels of the treatment are tailored for you by our experienced practitioners to optimise your results.

Expected Results:

The result of a course of treatment is effective and gives long-term relief of uncontrolled urine flow with a strengthened pelvic floor.

We recommend a minimum course of 6 to 8 treatment sessions for optimum results but your programme will be bespoke for you.


Our clinical team will ensure you have had an appropriate urogynaecology assessment prior to your treatment plan being arranged. If you have not previously been assessed we can arrange a referral for you to Professor Christian Phillips, a leading professor in urogynaecology who will see and assess you, arranging any appropriate investigations before you embark on treatment. As a team, we can then advise you on the best treatment options for you to optimise your outcomes.

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Treatment Summary


Pelvic floor treatment prices dependent on number of sessions booked
Price: From £125 per session


Duration of Treatment:

From 30 minutes+


Recovery: No down time


Treatment Interval: We recommend 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks


Pre-Treatment Advice: There is no specific pre-treatment advice


Post Treatment Advice: There is no specific after care with this treatment and we will advise you of any maintenance treatments required

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