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The Laser and Health Academy (LA&HA) is a highly regarded leader in the field of high quality laser research, innovation and training. The LA&HA’s mission is to serve as a global platform for the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge amongst peers and promote evidence-based laser medicine among practitioners and the general public. The headquarters of the LA&HA is in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This well respected Academy grant a few centres LA&HA training status internationally. LA&HA clinicians must have a proven record of expertise in their area of specialisation and are exceptionally qualified to deliver a first-rate educational experience. Dr Phillips is delighted to have been granted this accolade, both personally as a LA&HA expert clinical lecturer, as well as her clinic being granted LA&HA training status, hosting both national and international training in the laser industry.

Fotona Laser Treatments with Dr Tanja Phillips


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