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Stretch marks can occur in any area where the body has grown more rapidly putting the skin’s structure under strain. This can occur during growing in height as a teenager, or during pregnancy or weight gain. In some cases people just have skin that is prone to stretch marks. 

With bespoke laser treatment it is now possible to reduce and eliminate unwanted skin surface issues including stretch marks by remodelling the skin.

How it works:

Laser treatments are bespoke to the individual as everyone’s stretch marks and skin is slightly different but the principles remain the same.

The treatment uses the patented technology of Fotona to stimulate collagen production by initiating skin remodelling and skin tightening. The skin is then treated with fractionated laser  precisely to the stretch mark lines and adjacent skin tissue to begin to remodel and smooth out the stretch marks from the inside out. A further treatment of laser  skin tightening will then reduce any skin laxity around these areas by inducing new collagen production (neocollagenesis).

Expected Results:

Laser treatment will require a course of sessions to give optimum results. The number of sessions is dependent on the stretch marks and your body’s  response to the laser. On average 3 sessions are required.

The bespoke laser treatment gives high levels of patient satisfaction as the stretch marks are either fully resolved or barely visible post treatment. 

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Treatment Summary


Price: £ POA


Duration of Treatment: 

Dependent on area to be treated.


Recovery: This will vary from no down time to up to 1 day of down time depending on intensity of treatment.


Treatment Interval: Usually 3-6 weeks, number of treatments depends on desired outcome.


Pre-Treatment Advice: Do not use self tanning products or sunbathe for up to 2 weeks before treatment.


Post-Treatment Advice: Specific tailored advice will be given during treatment.

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